Half Dozen Kit


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This is a legacy product and no longer in production.


This special kit of 6 Sphero SPRK+ robots and 6 Turbo Covers (colors will be random) is available exclusively to educators at a discounted price. The pack contains everything you need to get started teaching robotics and the fundamentals of programming. These SPRK+ robots are brand new and come with a full 1 year warranty.

Designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and invention through connected play and coding, SPRK+ is far more than just a robot. Powered by the Sphero Edu app, you can easily learn programming, complete hands-on activities, and share your creations with the community. Learning is evolving. Get on the ball.

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Half Dozen Kit
Half Dozen Kit

In stock




    Equipped with Bluetooth SMART and a scratch-resistant, durable shell, SPRK+ takes hands-on learning up a notch. Programmable sensors like motor encoders, LED lights, accelerometer, and a gyroscope allow for countless experiences and coding conditions. SPRK+ will foster a love of robotics, coding, and STEAM principles… all through play.

    • Program Your Robot

      The Sphero Edu app empowers anyone to program their robot. Drag and drop actions, controls, operators, and more to give your bot the orders.

    • Complete Awesome Activities

      Program a painting. Navigate a maze. Mimic the solar system. Swim across the water. Have a dance party… The only limit is your imagination.

    • Share with the World

      Join the growing community, share your creations to inspire and be inspired, and keep track of your class all in one place. Preparing for the future has never been so fun.


    Connect SPRK+ to the Sphero Edu app and learn to code by drawing paths, using Scratch blocks, or writing your own JavaScript text programs. Plus, it’s accessible from nearly every platform, meaning coding with Sphero is more approachable than ever.

    Draw & Drive

    Draw & Drive

    Scratch Blocks

    Scratch Blocks

    Javascript Text

    Javascript Text



    Sphero Edu provides a toolset unbounded in its potential.

    Sphero Edu uses app-enabled robots to foster creativity through discovery and play, all while laying the foundation for computer science. Our program goes beyond code with collaborative STEAM activities, nurturing students’ imaginations in ways no other education program can. Cross-platform apps are approachable for all skill levels, allowing us to reach as many minds as possible.

    What's in the box

    • 6x Sphero SPRK+ Robots
    • 6x Inductive charging base with USB charging cable
    • 6x Maze tape, 360 degree protractors and sticker sheets
    • 6x Quick Start guide to get you rolling
    • 6x Turbo Covers (Random Colors)
    • Sphero Edu app available for download in the App Store, Google Play, Chrome Store and Kindle Store
    • Swift Playgrounds available for download in the App Store. Compatible with the Sphero Arcade and Sphero Template playgrounds
    • Sphero Play app available for download on iOS and Android

    Tech specs

    • Top Speed
      Top Speed
    • 1 HR Playtime
      1 HR Playtime
    • Bluetooth Range
      Bluetooth Range
    • Inductive Charge
      Inductive Charge
    • LED Lights
      LED Lights
    • Wireless Connection
      Wireless Connection
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