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Specdrums are app-connected rings that make your world more musical. Tap a color, hear a sound. Learn music theory, experiment with different genres, compose a symphony, or take it even further by incorporating lessons around phonemes, algebra, world geography, storytelling and more.

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Specdrums 12 Pack

The Specdrums 12-pack comes with 86 unique activities to inspire your students. From music and math to science and art, Specdrums provide an accessible, portable, and tactile way to enhance learning

Specdrums Rings

Specdrums are app-enabled rings that turn colors into music with a simple tap. Create music anytime, anywhere and make the world your instrument.

Specdrums + Professional Development

Want help implementing Specdrums into your classroom? We now offer 1:1 training, hands-on workshops and self-guided courses so you can ring in the school year the right way.

Self Guided Professional Development Coming October 2019

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Download the Specdrums Edu app to connect your ring(s) and start creating today. You’ll find tutorials to help you explore the included Sound Packs or create your own, record custom sounds and more.

Activities and Printable Resources

Download and print these templates to customize your own classroom activities with Specdrums. Color in blank shapes, cut out colorful circles, or use the templates to inspire your own creativity!”

Free Lessons to get you started.

Not sure where to start? We have lots of free online activities and lessons to help you introduce Specdrums into your classroom. Just click, download and print!

Build Your Own Keyboard

Learn how to customize your own colors in the Specdrums Music app by coloring in a keyboard and building your own keyboard from scratch.

Solfege Puzzles

Use active listening and pitch dictation skills to identify the appropriate solfege syllables of each puzzle and write the syllables underneath the dots….

Rhythm with Ta-Ti

Learn to play different sets of rhythms using the syllables “Ta” and Ti” as your guide.

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Create Project
Changing Sound Pack
Changing a bubble's color
Setting New Colors
Selecting Scales
Recording your own soundtrack

Cinematic Sound Pack

This week... dun dun dunnnnn... Lindsey shows off her movie-scoring prowess with Cinematic 4.

A Cappella 1 Sound Pack

This week... Jenna shows off her vocal skills with A Cappella 1. Feel free to sing along and stay tuned for more!

Drum & Bass Sound Pack

Drum & Bass. Bass & Drum. Check out the latest Specdrums #MusicMonday Sound Pack feature with Ryan, called (you guessed it) Drum & Bass 2!

Retro Sound Pack

This week... Jeff shows off Retro Funk 2. Don't just watch, try it out. Do it. D-D-Do it. And stay tuned for more!


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