Everything you need to get Sphero Edu rolling in your classroom is right here. From PD and resource guides to classroom kits, learn how our robots are being used in education, tips and tricks from setup to storage, and have your questions answered.


Sphero Edu Professional Learning brings you closer to infusing Sphero robots and programming into your classroom, whether you join us on-site, through virtual training, or just learn on your own. Either way, our training is customized to meet your needs.

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Sphero On-Site learning days would be customized training in collaboration with each school or district based on the topics, activities, and skills they wish to explore, build, and promote. Choose from our 1 or 2-day workshops.


Get all the nuggets from on-site learning without committing an entire day. Our virtual training consist of two options – unlimited for an entire year or by the hour, where we will customize to fit your schedule and professional learning needs. We’re here for you when you need us.


Coming Soon! Our online self-guided professional learning course will teach you how to get started with Sphero Edu in no time. Learn the ins and outs of Sphero as well as dive in to tutorials on how to program with our Draw, Blocks, and Text coding canvases.


The learning doesn’t stop, even if you’re a teacher. Get empowered with strategies for success with our Sphero Edu PD offerings.

Professional Development Guide


We’ve got all kinds of guides for all kinds of educators, allowing you to infuse Sphero robots and coding into your class or program. From an intro to our robots and draw, block, and text programming in the Sphero Edu app and more, to tips and tricks to getting started in your space, these guides will help get you rolling.

Administrators Guide

Find out how Sphero Edu would be perfect in your school or district, complete with curriculum and funding information, privacy, and more.

Administrators Guide

Succeed with Sphero Edu

Coding instruction is lacking. We’ve got tips to bring Sphero Edu into your classroom, plus the career connections you want to see.

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Teacher Resource Guide K-12

Classroom integration made simple. Get to know Sphero robots, the Sphero Edu app, activities, and more in our Teacher Resource Guide.

Teacher Resource Guide

Cracking the Code

Get an in-depth look at the necessity of STEAM and coding in education, complete with data and case studies of Sphero Edu.

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Makerspace Guide

Create or improve your makerspace with Sphero Edu. We have a guide to help you go full STEAM ahead.

Makerspace Guide

Scope & Sequence

Your guide to decide which Sphero Edu activities to use based on the context of your classroom and your students’ programming skills.

Scope & Sequence


Unless you’re teaching a class of 1, we offer robots by the dozen (and more). Take a look at our education packs for BOLT, SPRK+, and Sphero Mini, available at discounted rates exclusively for educators.


See how real educators and students around the world are using Sphero Edu and how the program has influenced teaching and learning. Sphero Edu wouldn’t be where it is today without the support and creativity of the community.

Are you a superstar educator?

Sphero Heroes is a Sphero Edu ambassador program designed to recognize and celebrate the great work of pioneer teachers around the world. These teachers are using Sphero robots to transform teaching and learning in their classrooms and beyond. Sound like you or someone you know? Find out how to apply.


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