Sphero Heroes is a Sphero Edu ambassador program designed to recognize and celebrate the great work of pioneer teachers around the world. These teachers are using Sphero robots to transform teaching and learning in their classrooms and beyond.

Subash Chandar K

Curriculum Leader of Mathematics & Statistics – New Zealand

Heavily influenced by his childhood train set and wanted to be an engineer.

Ingvi Hrannar Omarsson

Chief Innovation Officer – Iceland

Enjoys soccer and is the proud owner of a dog that he got for free.

Garrett Gross

Computer Lit. Teacher & Technology Coordinator – Riverside, IL

Favorite book was The Stinky Cheese Man, and we love him for it.

Lauren Marrone

Teacher – Dallas, Georgia

Surprisingly good at putting IKEA furniture together, hence a love of DIY projects.

Nicholas Palczak

Teacher – Boonville, NY

Physics. Robotics. Yankees.

Andy Wall

Innovation Teacher – Saint Charles, Missouri

Lover of music and is a connoisseur of several instruments.

Leah LaCrosse

8th Grade Science Teacher – Huron, Ohio

Runs like a champ. Quilts like a boss.

Josh Stumpenhorst

Learning Commons Director – Naperville, IL

Runs every day and reminisces about his Night Rider Big Wheel.

Hannah Jimenez

Digital Learning Specialist – Kinston, North Carolina

Self-proclaimed bookworm and equestrian.

Steve Bunce

Education Professional Development Specialist – United Kingdom

Enjoys painting and building things with LEDs, velcro, and magnets.

Michael O'Kane

School Principal – Ireland

Tin whistle extraordinaire that also moonlights as Batman.

Rich Perry

Teacher & Technology Mentor – Merrick, NY

English Teacher. Explorer. Accomplished home cook.

Peter Abt

Digital Technology Teacher / Coach – Australia

Exceptional at Dad jokes and loves his Star Wars coffee mug.

Aspen Meineke

STEM Project Coordinator – San Antonio, TX

Hidden talent is figure skating.

Megan Lowe

Grade 3 Teacher – Ontario, Canada

Being a Canadian, Megan taps trees and makes her own maple syrup.

Julie Willcott

Independent Educator – Exeter, Maine

Wanted to be either a chemist or a cowgirl when she grew up.

Laurie Guyon

Integration Specialist – Schuylerville, New York

Can name all 50 states in alphabetical order in under 25 seconds.


Each year, a group of educators will be selected after entering our Sphero Heroes application process. We’re looking for passionate and dedicated teachers that are active leaders in their community. Our Heroes already showcase a variety of skills highlighting Sphero Edu, whether they present at regional conferences, partake in professional learning, create amazing content, or are social media evangelists. These educators are authentic in their beliefs about education and trusted to see commitments through.

Once selected, these educators will continue their work as a Certified Sphero Hero and be a representative for Sphero Edu on our behalf, doing what they already do best.


The goal of Sphero Heroes is to help innovative teachers share their story more loudly. We are looking to amplify their influence by helping to share their expertise and excitement for learning. We want to support active leaders that are helping other educators discover what’s possible with Sphero Edu.


Candidates for the Sphero Heroes program must be highly motivated professionals exemplifying a spirit of creativity and curiosity in education and within the Sphero Edu community. Heroes will need to complete the application process which includes a short video biography answering select questions, and submit two Sphero Edu activities. They will be evaluated by the Sphero Edu team based on a predetermined rubric categorized by authenticity, creativity, and understanding of the program. Plus, candidates are generally just awesome.


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