Our mission at Sphero is to inspire the creators of tomorrow and a large part of that mission involves inspiring YOU – the teachers, the educators, the hobbyists, the makerspace weekend warriors – our “OG inspirers.”
Sphero Academy is your hub for professional learning courses, resource guides, classroom kits, robot education, one-on-one support, and so much more.

ProfessionalLearning Justfor You

The learning doesn’t stop, even if you’re a teacher. Get empowered with strategies for success with our Sphero Edu PD offerings. Sphero Edu Professional Learning brings you closer to infusing Sphero robots and programming into your classroom, whether you join us on-site, through virtual training, or just learn on your own.

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Our training is customized to meet your needs.

Self-Guided Training Course

This 6-hour self-guided course will walk you through getting started with the Sphero Edu program and how to integrate it into your classroom.

All-Access Virtual Training

Sphero Virtual Training consists of online, pre-scheduled training with a Professional Learning specialist. The specialist will work with you for an entire year to help you integrate Sphero into your classroom and school.

On-Site Workshops

Schedule a 1- or 2-day workshop and we’ll bring the expertise to you. Customize your workshop based on the topics, activities, and skills you wish to explore, build, and promote.

The Whole Kit & Caboodle

Our education kits are the simplest way to introduce Sphero Edu into your school. Consider them your one-stop shop for robots, support, and professional development so you can get robots in your classroom and know how to use them. Get bots, get training, and get skills.

BOLT Starter Kit

  • BOLT Power Pack
  • Self-Guided Course

BOLT Middle of the Road Kit

  • (2) BOLT Power Pack
  • 1 Year All-Access Virtual Training

BOLT Baller Kit

  • (3) BOLT Power Pack
  • 1 Year All-Access Virtual Training

More Kits and Packs

Unless you're teaching a class of 1, we offer robots by the dozen (and more). Take a look at our latest education packs for BOLT, SPRK+, and Sphero Mini, available at discounted rates exclusively for educators.

SPRK+ Half Dozen Kit


SPRK+ Cheaper by the Dozen Kit


Mini 30-Pack


SPRK+ 12-Pack


BOLT 15-Pack


BOLT Power Pack


See what these educators had to say about the impact of Sphero Edu in their schools.

“Sphero has honestly transformed my teaching and I can’t imagine teaching physics without Sphero robots. Sphero robots are so versatile that I can use them to teach students about a variety of physics concepts in ways that are engaging, fun, and that provide opportunities for students to develop 21st century skills. Students build Sphero boats to study forces, analyze momentum with a Sphero chariot, and play a round of Sphero battle bots to study collisions. Students are creating, collaborating, coding, and learning physics all at the same time and it’s all thanks to Sphero.”

Lauren Marrone

Physics Teacher

“I tried many robots, but Sphero has been by far the most engaging and user-friendly coding platform I have found. In 10 minutes, students are connected to robots and writing their first programs. What I have discovered is that students have become excellent problem solvers without realizing they are doing it.”

Nick Palczak

Physics, Forensics, and Robotics Teacher

“When I look at the impact Sphero has made in my 8th-grade science classroom, I think of all the opportunities they have opened up for exploring science in exciting and meaningful ways. Students can explore forces and motion with investigations that are hands so, data-driven, and so engaging. We can simulate seismic waves transversing the planet through coding with Sphero. Our learning about pollution and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is not limited to reading or videos. We learn through engineering challenges using Sphero as our motor! There are just no limits. Once I began saying “what if” and using Sphero to support science learning, the ways to branch out kept growing. This opportunity to explore science in hands-on, unconventional ways has made such a difference in my classroom. I’ll always be grateful for this opportunity from Sphero’s support.”

Leah Lacrosse

5th Grade Science Teacher

Sphero Edu Resources

We’ve got all kinds of guides for all kinds of educators, allowing you to infuse Sphero robots and coding into your class or program. From an intro to our robots and draw, block, and text programming in the Sphero Edu app and more, to tips and tricks to getting started in your space, these guides will help get you rolling.

Teacher Resource Guide

Classroom integration made simple. Get to know Sphero robots, the Sphero Edu app, activities, and more in our Teacher Resource Guide.

Download >

Administrator Guide

Find out how Sphero Edu would be perfect in your school or district, complete with curriculum and funding information, privacy, and more.

Download >

Makerspace Guide

Create or improve your makerspace with Sphero Edu. We have a guide to help you go full STEAM ahead.

Download >

Cracking the Code

Get an in-depth look at the necessity of STEAM and coding in education, complete with data and case studies of Sphero Edu.

Download >

Succeed with Sphero Edu

Coding instruction is lacking. We’ve got tips to bring Sphero Edu into your classroom, plus the career connections you want to see.

Download >

Scope and Sequence

Your guide to decide which Sphero Edu activities to use based on the context of your classroom and your students’ programming skills.

Download >


Sphero Heroes is a Sphero Edu ambassador program designed to recognize and celebrate the great work of pioneer teachers around the world. These teachers are using Sphero robots to transform teaching and learning in their classrooms and beyond. Sound like you or someone you know? Find out how to apply.

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