Coders, Thinkers, Makers, Artists, Problem-Solvers, and Curious-Minded people everywhere. Welcome to Sphero Edu.


This is our program for success.

Sphero Edu is a STEAM-based toolset that weaves hardware, software, and community engagement to promote 21st century skills. While these skills are absolutely crucial, our edu program goes beyond code by nurturing students’ creativity and ingenuity like no other education program can.


Simplicity and durability are a big part of what makes our products successful in the classroom – they’re easy to use, built to last, and packed with potential.


The Sphero Edu program is far more than just educational robots –  it's a thriving community of over 3 million coders, makers, and learners who create and share inspiring content every day.


The Sphero Edu app features hundreds of unique STEAM activities and programs that provide students with unlimited opportunities to explore, discover, and create.

Computer Science Foundations is a supplemental, standards-aligned curriculum designed to be taught in the classroom with our robots. Across 3 courses and 72 lessons, teachers and students will explore STEAM principles through creative coding.

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Sphero Edu’s standards-aligned STEAM activities can be teacher-led or self-guided so discovery can continue beyond the classroom. The activities are designed for all ages and skill levels so students can grow with them.

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The Sphero Edu App

The Sphero Edu app is the backbone of our education program. Learn to code, program your robot, create or run STEAM activities, and share your work with the community.

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The Sphero Edu ecosystem is compatible with nearly any device.

Start with Sphero.
Grow with Sphero.
Graduate with Sphero.

Learn to program like a pro. Designed for learner progression, the Sphero Edu app allows you to program your robot 3 different ways.


Beginners can draw paths for their robot to follow.


Intermediate coders can drag and drop blocks.


Pros can write text programs using JavaScript.


On. Start. Program.

Sphero Edu activities are STEAM-centric and designed to inspire your creativity. Navigate a maze. Program a painting. Mimic the solar system. Design a boat. Have a dance party…the only limit is your imagination.

‍Explore activities aligned to NGSS, CCSS, and various state standards to breathe new life into your school curriculum, or use them as a collaboration tool in clubs, makerspaces, enrichment programs, and more.

Computer Science Foundations is a supplemental, standards-aligned curriculum designed to be taught in the classroom with our robots. Across 3 courses and 72 lessons, teachers and students will explore STEAM principles through creative coding. If you've been looking to integrate CS content into your STEAM classroom, look no further.
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The school bell's not the only ring in the classroom. Tap into Edu with Specdrums, our app-enabled musical rings. Click here to find activities, resources, classroom kits and more.

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Professional Learning
just for you

Sphero Academy is your hub for professional learning courses, resource guides, classroom kits, robot education, one-on-one support, and so much more.

Sphero Edu by the numbers

Let's break it down.

Who uses Sphero Edu?

- 20K+ Education Institutions - Schools, libraries, makerspaces, museums, and more.

- 40K+ Educators - Administrators, teachers, tech directors, and more.

- Millions of students worldwide

What makes Sphero Edu?

100 Sphero Programs
- Our Edu team has created 100 (and counting) draw, block, and text activities that you can try with your Sphero robot or modify to make your own.

Over 2000 Educator-Added Activities
- Learn from the best. These creative coding activities have been developed and deployed by elite educators all over the world.

3 million+ Community-Added Programs
- Our users are always coming up with new and exciting STEAM-themed programs...connect your robot and give one a run.


Welcome to the Community

YOU are what makes Sphero Edu great. We've watched as superstar creators, makers, teachers, and learners run with our robots in ways we never could have imagined. What began as a grassroots movement on social media has evolved into a thriving community of passionate users who share their inspiration and success with Sphero Edu in the classroom and beyond.


Hit the ground rolling.

Getting Sphero Edu up and rolling in your classroom is simple. Follow our Road to Code to learn more about implementation strategies, tips, and the benefits of introducing your students to code.

Educate Key Players

Preach the importance of coding and career connections, and provide resources to support.

Make a Plan

A well-thought out plan that aligns with standards and regulatory objectives is more likely to get buy-in.

Get That Money

Put that plan to work for grants, crowd funding, and state support.

Keep Learning

Your turn to be the student. Take a day or two for professional development and learn the ropes.

Allow Exploration

A sandbox approach to learning inspires curiosity and creativity.

Celebrate the Wins

Promote the successes in your classroom and empower colleagues as your new program takes off.

Hard Skills

Our activities are designed to develop a wide range of hard skills needed for careers of the future.

Soft Skills

Coding is a great way to develop valuable personal attributes that are critical for any career.


Are you a
superstar educator?

Sphero Heroes is a Sphero Edu ambassador program designed to recognize and celebrate the great work of pioneering teachers around the globe. To date, we've recruited 50+ educators who are using Sphero robots to transform education in their classrooms and beyond.

As we continue to expand this program, our aim is to build a worldwide community where teachers collaborate to inspire and excite the next generation of creators.
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