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A few things have happened since our foundation in 2010 to get us where we are today… just a few. From Techstars to our first ball, hack meetups to Star Wars™ and back again, one thing has been consistently growing the entire time Sphero has existed.

After releasing SPRK+ in 2016, it gave way to Sphero Edu, where our efforts in education have continued to pick up STEAM (pun absolutely intended). Sphero is touted as “the best day of school” for kids, and we aim to be all that and more as we continue to explore new technologies in the realm of creative play. We firmly believe that play is a powerful teacher, and as long as we’re sparking imaginations around the world, we’ll keep fueling that fire.

With that, we’re beyond excited to introduce our newest and most advanced robot yet, Sphero BOLT. Our goal for our latest product is to build on our successes, create more experiences, expand creative play and STEAM efforts, and keep it scalable for all ages. The result is approachable yet advanced, allowing for endless potential. Above all, it’s fun to play with.

With a striking 8×8 LED matrix and advanced sensors, Sphero BOLT provides endless opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning. BOLT is approachable yet advanced with more features, more power, and more fun. Plus, it’s easy on the eyes.


8×8 LED Matrix

Bring your creativity and we’ll bring the rest. BOLT’s LED matrix makes it easier to animate your ideas, visualize data, and bring learning to life in a whole new way. Program your robot to display characters and vector graphics, or play games on the matrix itself. We dare you to take your eyes off it.

Your very own North Star

Manually aiming your Sphero is now a thing of the past. BOLT’s built-in compass allows you to automatically aim and drive your robot, plus you can program BOLT to follow real-world directions on a map, allowing for geography lessons and historical reenactments.

Infrared is the new black

BOLT makes bot-to-bot communication a reality. BOLT’s 360º infrared blasters allow it to communicate with other BOLT robots to share data, send messages, and trigger commands. Dive in to storytelling with multiple bots, new games, and advanced movements.

Big Battery

BOLT’s battery life is doubled and then some. 2+ hours of play time can handle your most creative projects and allow for back-to-back classroom use.

Illuminate new ideas

BOLT can better sense the world around it through its new ambient light sensor, allowing for coding based on your space’s brightness. Expand the programming experience by creating triggers, conditionals, and other programming concepts that work with all levels of light.

BOLT works with the existing Sphero Edu platform, which powers learning and programming for all of our robots. It’s backward compatible with all the content for the existing SPRK+ model, but we’ve improved the app to work with BOLT in some amazing new ways that incorporate all of the new hardware features. Get to know BOLT and take a deeper dive into some of its new tech by checking out our BOLT-specific programs and activities in the Sphero Edu app.

Building upon Sphero’s suite of products rooted in a commitment to education, Sphero BOLT’s capabilities empower users to dive deeper into the world of STEAM learning. So get glowing and start coding.

Sphero Edu app

BOLT is available for purchase now at $149.99 on Sphero.com.

BOLT is powered by the Sphero Edu app, available for free on iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows, and Chrome.

Curious which bot is right for you? Check out our comparison of BOLT, SPRK+, and Sphero Mini here.

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